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KidiCater offers a to-the-door meal service to Early Childhood Centres.

The key values it gives our customers are reliability of service, food quality assurance, catering to specific nutritional and dietary requirements, cost and time efficiency and its flexibility to suit the changing requirements of the Centre.

  • KidiCater’s quality, handmade children’s meals offer over 35 meal options daily so that you can cater to the individual and changing needs of your Child Centre.
  • Tasty, easy to heat cooked meals for lunch with a delicious variety of morning and afternoon tea options.
  • Our menu is designed to provide infants, toddlers and preschoolers with a nutritious, flavourful experience. Catering also to those with food allergies and cultural needs.
  • Our method of catering allows the Childcare Operator to control costs, quantity, menu planning, nutrition, and meet food regulation guidelines.
  • KidiCater delivers directly to your venue in advance of your food service.
  • Available to deliverable locations throughout New Zealand and can be used on a full-time, part-time or casual basis.

KidiCater takes pride in helping Childcare Centres meet their quality standards by providing delicious, healthy meals at price competitive rates. Register today. Enquiries welcome.